The Benefits of Solar

The benefits of Solar PV power are exponential, both financially and environmentally.

The power of the sun has always been a main energy source for millions of years, and with the non-renewable resources of gas, oil and fossil fuels diminishing rapidly, a Solar Photovoltaic System is the natural way to channel an unlimited supply of free energy directly into your home.

When generating your own energy, you reduce your bills by using the electricity you make for free, future proof your home against the rising prices of fossil fuels, cut your carbon emissions and receive a tax free payment for the clean energy you produce.

Save Money on your energy bills

Use the energy you generate for FREE and sell any that you don’t use back to the grid-significantly reducing your energy costs and protecting you against future rising fuel costs.

Tax Free Income Guaranteed

From the date of commissioning you can earn money directly through the Government’s index-linked Feed in Tariff (FiT) incentive, guaranteed for 20 years.

Renewable & Sustainable

As solar electricity is a green renewable energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint & invest in a low-carbon economy for the future.

Works ALL year round

Your panels produce energy from daylight, not just direct sunlight, generating electricity even on cloudy days.

No noise, no pollutants, no waste, no fuel – just FREE clean, green electricity from solar energy.

  • Tax Free, index-linked income – government guaranteed
  • Produce electricity & sell it back to the National Grid
  • Tax Free return of 10(+)% on your investment
  • Better rate of return than your bank or ISA
  • Tariffs & returns guaranteed for 20 years
  • Ensure energy security
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Cut your CO2 and cut your costs
  • Protect against future energy price increases
  • Add value to your property & improve the EPC rating
Solar PV Panels being installed by CEC Solar
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Did you know?

The human ecological footprint is big in some countries bigger than in others. For example, America accounts for over a quarter of world energy consumption with only 5% of the global population.